Erika Husselmann - illustrator

Erika was born in Cape Town, South Africa and now lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Trained as a classical pianist and teacher, she also paints, draws and creates tea bag people to escape to the fantasy world of make-believe. Illustration is one of her favourite artforms, where she lives inside a story for a while, feeling her way through every character she draws. On occasion she's been spotted with a weird expression on her face, busy drawing the same expression on the face of a critter in the book she is illustrating... She wants more than anything that people would look beyond her fantasy drawings to the real world of children and their dreams. Erika is a professional artist, her work is held in private collections in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and Sweden.

'Without Erika's magic artistic touch, Morley & Jack Rabbit and friends, would never have come to life. The artwork in these books are more than just casual illustrations, they are a part of her life, they are very special and I am grateful for what she has created."


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